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Title: cbKeyBinder plugin
Post by: Pecan on November 17, 2005, 05:44:18 pm
Please find attached:

 2005 Nov 17

cbKeyBinder is an adaptation of wxKeyBinder as a Code::Blocks plugin.

It provides the C::B user an ability to bind custom key combinations to
the C::B menu items.

This plugin is temporary and should be deleted when C::B provides its
own KeyBinder.

Some key combinations cannot be overridden by cbKeyBinder.
For example, Ctrl+B executes Toggle Bookmark even when
assigned to another menu item. The same is true for Ctrl+Shift+N
(New Project). I have not yet investigated why this is so.

cbKeyBinder was developed and tested under Windows XP only.
I hope you find it usefull.


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Title: Re: cbKeyBinder plugin
Post by: takeshi miya on November 17, 2005, 07:42:25 pm
Great! In my little testing it seems to work as expected! I hope keybindings makes in the next ver. of C::B :D

Pecan: you might want to read my suggestion on making customization of bindings more powerful here (,1377.0.html).