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Title: Thoughts on Codeblocks on Mac?
Post by: finsikesi64 on March 18, 2021, 03:35:26 pm
I just started using codeblocks on Mac and so far it is fine. I know it gets buggy so I’m looking for alternatives just in case. Which C compiler and text editor would you recommend for Mac? I’m taking intro to C with Whiting so she doesn’t have any concrete requirements (and I’m not a CS major).
Title: Re: Thoughts on Codeblocks on Mac?
Post by: oBFusCATed on March 18, 2021, 04:45:04 pm
XCode, if you're going to stay on this platform.
VSCode if you're going to be modern.
vim if you want to be unixy.
emacs if you want to be alternative unixy person.
CodeLite probably works fine on mac.
QtCreator probably has mac port.
The C/C++ ide form JetBrains, I forgot its name... CLion... is probably good.

But generally it is not useful for you to ask us to give you alternatives to C::B.
Either we're biased or we have no experience with other editors/IDEs.
Title: Re: Thoughts on Codeblocks on Mac?
Post by: Suryavarman on March 18, 2021, 08:00:31 pm
To add some details to what oBFusCATed say:
XCode: If you plan to code during a long time on Mac. Better to learn how XCode works. For me the behaviour of this think is very very stange. I try to stay far away of this IDE.
Codelite: it's a good IDE but the compilers/projects parameters interface is like Visual…and i don't like that.
CLion is an expensive IDE, but the Jetbrain products are very good. I love PyCharm :p

But if oBFusCATed manage to write a LLDB debugger interface this year, that would be a great news for C::B on Mac.
Quote from: oBFusCATED
This is partly true. In the long run we'll have to port to lldb, but this would require a separate debugger plugin. Hopefully I'll be able to do this in the first half of 2021...