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Title: C::B shows wrong revision after rebuilt
Post by: stardust on February 23, 2007, 02:38:37 pm
To get new revisions of C::B I am using (svn at about 3633)

svn update

If I see .in or .am files in the update log, then I start rebuilding with ./configure

If there are no such files, I just do 'make && make install'.

In the latter case, ./ is not run so that C::B shows a misleading revision number. Since I noticed that, I force the ./

However, other users (builders) of C::B may not be aware of that (just as I was) so that they report wrong revision numbers in bug reports, etc.

By the way, Help->About...->Information does not show all the information (e.g. built compiler version is missing) and it would be much easier to get the build and version information if these infos were supplied as plain text to copy and paste like in "Description" and "Thanks to..." instead of in a bitmap (label or so).