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Title: Error using builtin variables and project dependencies
Post by: Methedrine on January 11, 2007, 12:29:15 pm
Since I cannot access berlios anymore (god knows why, the page constantly gives me 404's) I will report the problem in here.

The following problem occured to me when I started with a new project: When you build a project (f.e. pA) that depends upon another project (pB), then codeblocks will assign the values for pA to the built-in variable $(PROJECT_DIR). In details this means that pB's build will of course precede pA's build but will use pA's path.

The problem also applies to $(PROJECT_FILE), it contains the active project only - not the currently built project.

Imho codeblocks should assign the values for the currently build project to those variables, not just for the active project, otherwise it might happen that some prebuild steps won't work as expected.

Now also submitted to bugtracker on berlios. Clicky (