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Title: Debugger command-line options - how to change them?
Post by: Teppic on December 25, 2005, 11:03:59 am

I'm using one of the latest binary CVS snapshots (1.0 revision 1583) to get debugging working with the MSVC++ Toolkit. This would work, except that Codeblocks sends the debugger (CDB to be excact) a wrong command-line. It sends: "Command-line: C:\DebuggingToolsForWindows\cdb.exe -G -lines -y C:/App/; -srcpath C:/App/; bin/myApp.exe
Working dir : C:\App\" (pathes abstracted ;) ). But the working dir and symbol path should be C:\App\bin\, the source path \src. In the projects settings the working dir is set to \bin and running the app with the console_runner works without a problem.

So, my question: Why is the project root path used instead of the working dir in the command line and where can I configure what the command line should look like? The sources being in the same path as the exacutables and symbol files can't be the right solution to that.

(Btw, I tried using GDB instead but it gets passed the exact same command line and exits because of unknown parameters.)

Thanks for any help on this.