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Title: Help with wizard.script file
Post by: Rapscallion on October 04, 2006, 04:43:20 pm
I'm trying to write a custom wizard.script file and want to initialize the paths in the Wizard.AddProjectPathPage(); and Wizard.AddCompilerPage();
dialog boxes. I'm trying to use 'function OnEnter_ProjectPathPage(forward)' without much success! Can anyone help? (See attached wizard.script file).

In addition, I use a post buid option and require a non-standard target output filename extension. When I use 'target.SetOutputFilename(Wizard.GetProjectName() + _T(".or32"));' the target filename extension is still auto generated as .exe, how can I avoid this?

I don't have much experience with codeblocks or programming in general so I'm just about pulling my hair out here! Any help would be greatly appreciated.