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Title: VST(i) plug ins?
Post by: abstractcats on April 24, 2016, 09:34:04 pm
Hi guys! Any one using Code blocks, to make VST(i) plug ins? Or, would it be better to use Code Blocks, to learn the basics of C++, and use
I've just returned to learning C++,I'd not gone to far before getting into computer music. So, I've just started to learn via, self study. Any tip, suggestions of things to read or site, would be great. I'm also, going through Steinberg's site, as well.

Thanks for any help, Scott :)
Title: Re: VST(i) plug ins?
Post by: stahta01 on April 25, 2016, 02:34:46 am
Step 1: Learn the difference between and Editor/IDE and a Compiler.
Step 2: Learn what compiler is best for doing what you want.
Step 3: Learn the programming language used in doing what you want.

Then, ask if Code::Blocks supports the Compiler and the programming language you are going to want to use.

Edit: This link (
lead me to this link. (
and I still have no idea what compiler is best; wish you luck on finding an answer.

Tim S.