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Title: GDB memory dump bug?
Post by: Max on August 03, 2006, 09:40:45 am
Dear All,

I would like to flag a strange behaviour (bug?). May be it is due to my lack of understanding but...

Have a look to the attached image. I think that all info to replicate the bug (?) are present.

The issue is in the memory dump window.

The KeyBin points to 0x22ff60, OK. The next line reports the address 0x22ff68, the next 0x22ff78 and so on.

The number of locations in each line is 16. So I would like to get


and so on.

I remember tha, in the past, a similar issue was flagged. Somebody fixed it. May be is a different issue or the  bug is again present.

May you confirm that is a bad behaviour? Thanks.

(I am using the nightly 2803 (latest) and Windows XP SP2).


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Title: Re: GDB memory dump bug?
Post by: mandrav on August 03, 2006, 12:38:48 pm
Fixed, thanks.
Find the fix in tonight's nightly.