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Embedded development / error: -mmcu
« Last post by Nayani on June 12, 2024, 10:17:24 am »
Hello all,
I am trying to compile code for MSP430 but getting errors. I have a folder which contains the binaries for MSP430 (in folder c:\ti\msp430-gcc). I have added the path. In CB, under settings -> compiler (heading "global compiler settings"), under compiler flags, I set (ticked) some options (optimization not set to any, I guess this will be treated as -O0), specially under MSP430 MCU derivatives (-mmcu option to CC430 5125, my controller (MSP430F67791) is not listed). When I compile a simple 'C' code without any reference controller specific instructions (just a main and a forever loop), I am getting the error "missing argument to -mmcu=". I have also set this compiler as default compiler (though I use generic GCC for Windows). Here are my questions
1. How can I rectify this error?
2. Is there a way I can provide the specific controller part which is missing in the list? If not, what is the workaround?
3. Is there any clear/elaborate tutorial on setting up embedded MCU projects and building?

I await your guidance. Thank you for your time.

Help / Re: some of my workspaces don't have "other" files folder
« Last post by lossstarry on June 12, 2024, 06:02:37 am »
I think those spammers should be dealt with severely
Help / Re: High CPU usage during build operation when verbose is enabled
« Last post by christo on June 12, 2024, 05:11:25 am »
Attaching perf output with and without ctre
Help / Re: High CPU usage during build operation when verbose is enabled
« Last post by christo on June 12, 2024, 05:10:26 am »
Integrated ctre which is mentioned in the links provided by @blauzahn and tested, performance is much better.
With ctre, we can't use xml for storing the regex, it should be added to the code. I've done the changes such that if there is any regex in the xml file, it would be used by old method, and if not matched, ctre match is used. This way,   regex can be tested using the xml, once finalized, add it to the code. Please note, this change requires c++20.
Attaching patch
Nightly builds / Re: The 28 January 2024 build (13434) is out.
« Last post by Miguel Gimenez on June 11, 2024, 05:30:33 pm »
This was fixed shortly after in r13438
Nightly builds / Re: The 28 January 2024 build (13434) is out.
« Last post by HuskyDucky on June 11, 2024, 04:54:52 pm »
Code::blocks build 13434 is included in the Discovery repository of Fedora 40.
I am using the Fedora 40 spin KDE.
Every time I try to close the Code::blocks with the project's workspace open it stucks.
This issue is fixed in the latest version?
Using Code::Blocks / Re: Code::Blocks don't finds my SDL2 libs
« Last post by sodev on June 10, 2024, 02:04:23 pm »
The value $(#sdl2) is a reference to a CodeBlocks Global Variable, it is intended to specify the installation location of the SDL2 library so that you don't have to mess up your compiler installation by copying the files into compiler system directories. You can define this variable with the Global Variable Editor.

Spam reported to moderator.
Hi. I have a Win 10 system with CB.  A project that uses a dll (compiled with another project) works fine when operated from CB (with the green arrow) but fails with a Command Prompt mode of operation.

The following gives some data from my system; heardle

The build =======>
g++.exe -Wall -fexceptions -g  -c C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\DLL\02_Console\main.cpp -o obj\Debug\main.o

g++.exe  -o bin\Debug\Console.exe obj\Debug\main.o   C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\DLL\02_Console\bin\Debug\libCreateUse.a

Output file is bin\Debug\Console.exe with size 72.99 KB
Process terminated with status 0 (0 minute(s), 0 second(s))
0 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 0 second(s))

OK operation with green arrow (cb) =======>
a= 22
b= 11
the sum is 33
a= 44
b= 22
the difference is 22

NOK operation with Command Prompt ========>
 Volume in drive C is OS
 Volume Serial Number is 5484-444A

 Directory of C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\DLL\02_Console\bin\Debug

08-May-24  02:59 PM    <DIR>          .
08-May-24  02:59 PM    <DIR>          ..
08-May-24  02:59 PM            74,745 Console.exe
08-May-24  02:15 PM            59,052 CreateUse.dll
08-May-24  02:15 PM             2,384 libCreateUse.a
               3 File(s)        136,181 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  148,093,124,608 bytes free



The NOK operation with the last bit of the above is a mystery ??
The OK operation atleast asked the operator for the required numbers.

Regards JC....

I have realized that
General (but related to Code::Blocks) / Re: C++ Code::Blocks Linking Issues
« Last post by alonzomint on June 09, 2024, 05:34:10 pm »
Thanks for your answer. I got it ;D
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