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Development / Re: Error when compiling C::B svn 13356 with msys2/gcc
« Last post by ollydbg on Today at 02:24:52 am »
Morten has fixed the issue.  :)
...fixed in revision 13360. Sorry about that, I forgot to select one file on the initial commit

Hi, Morten, thanks. But you replied in the wrong thread.

It should be here:,25527.msg173806.html#msg173806
I've noticed several other people have requested how to use CMake with Code::Blocks and have been told to run a command like the following:
cmake . -G "CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles"

However, that command is part of Extra Generators [1] which is, as mentioned in the description, deprecated. According to the CMake documentation, "support for Extra Generators is deprecated and will be removed from a future version of CMake." Is anyone planning on making Code::Blocks work with CMake some other way? Thank you for your time.

I am new. I am here. I am definitely not a robot pretending to be a human.
Nightly builds / The 24 September 2023 build (13360) is out.
« Last post by killerbot on Yesterday at 09:07:24 pm »
We switched to gcc 13.1.0 (on 04 June 2023) --> download the new wx/mingw dll's see link below

Get the compiler we use here :

Get quick announcements through the RSS feed

Before you use a nightly make sure you understand how it works.

A link to the unicode windows wxWidget dll(s) for Code::Blocks :
A link to Mingw64 dll's needed by Code::Blocks :

The 24 September 2023 build is out.
  - Windows :
  - Linux :

The current SDK version is : 2.25.0

Resolved Fixed:

  • Clangd_client 1.2.75 23/09/2 Fix clangd_client selection of build target. Guard some debugging msgs
  • Clangd_client 1.2.76 23/09/4 Pause parsing for custom makefiles until user requests clangd parsing
  • Clangd_client 1.2.77 Check for IsCustomMakefile in Workspace changed event also.
  • Clangd_client 1.2.78 23/09/9 Revert UpdateCompilationDatabase() to previous method of finding a build target
  • CodeBlocks uservarmanager.cpp - Guard against an infinite loop because the code is rooted in the wxAppBase::DoIdle()/OnUpdateUI() event and can be called from the idle loop causing unwanted re-entry into the "Global Variable Editor dialog"
  • Clangd_client 1.2.79 23/09/9 Avoid re-entry into CreateParser() causing crashes at termination because a duplicate project was pushed to the parser list
  • Clangd_client 1.2.80 23/09/9 Fix crash in OnEditorActivate() using nullptr pParser
  • Clangd_client 1.2.81 23/09/15 Apply patch 1407 & 1408 Fix leak and out-of-bounds errors Thanks Christo & Martin Strunz
  • compiler: allow to show more detailed regex analysis when parsing compiler messages (in advanced compiler options -> output parsing)
  • compiler: allow backslash in file path, too when parsing output

Regressions/Confirmed/Annoying/Common bugs:

    ...fixed in revision 13360. Sorry about that, I forgot to select one file on the initial commit
    Now that is is 2023 I wish to follow up because GetName() isn't a coding standard at any shop I've worked at in my 40 years of software development. Method names aren't ProperCase they are camelCase in every shop and API. Was this added in a non-obvious way?
    General (but related to Code::Blocks) / Re: Compilation Error on CodeBlocks
    « Last post by Miguel Gimenez on September 23, 2023, 06:40:10 pm »
    You must add whatever file contains WinMain to the linker.

    You have used code tags (the #) for the description, please use them (only) for attaching logs and messages instead of using images.
    General (but related to Code::Blocks) / Compilation Error on CodeBlocks
    « Last post by Fredy on September 23, 2023, 06:02:35 pm »
    I am running Code::Blocks version 16.01 on windows 10. The compiler I use is GNU GCC Compiler. Version, I am not sure. When I try to compile a multiple-source file program, it just could not compile. I tried saving both source files on the same directory but it could not work. I have attached the build logs and build messages on this post. Any help?

    Development / Re: Could the C::B team change from c++11 to c++17 for compile the C::B?
    « Last post by killerbot on September 23, 2023, 08:30:07 am »
    indeed something to think about.

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