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Title: :ö: :Ö: wxSmith :Ö: :ö:
Post by: Ceniza on January 20, 2006, 04:12:37 am
I just catched a few bugs when using wxSmith to make a few sample dialogs for SourceFormatter.

Create a new wxSmith project, default options. Create a dialog. Add a wxListBox and select it. Go to Choices in the Properties tab (Resources tab in the Management dock) and enter some text (don't click the button, just the text control). I tried with a and then hit enter. The wxListBox got filled with garbage.

A way to get a crash is clicking on the ... button to enter the choices instead of writing them in the text ctrl. Enter any choices, like a and then click OK. Now the text control says "a". Delete that to leave the text control empty and hit enter.

I also got a crash trying to undo some changes when I was almost done with the second dialog for SourceFormatter. I made heavy use of copy, cut and paste and some undo. Those new options must be tested more throughly.

I just compiled revision 1816 and I can confirm the first bug is still there. Second bug requieres more testing to get a minimal crash situation.

But wait, not everything is bad! I was quite impressed by this plugin. Really nice work :D
Title: Re: :ö: :Ö: wxSmith :Ö: :ö:
Post by: byo on January 20, 2006, 01:19:12 pm
Thx for this bug report, I'll add to my TODOs :).
Good news is that some parts of wxSmith code are going to be recoded. The first big change is properties system. I hope that this will increase plugins stability. The bad news is that it will have to wait to next week because of lack of time.

I'm just wondering about the bug with "a". It looks like PropertyGrid bug.