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Nightly builds / Re: The 19 November 2023 build (13398) is out.
« Last post by easyw on Today at 01:01:10 pm »
RPMs of Code::Blocks svn13399 with all contrib plugins, wxWidgets 3.2.4 and wxSQLite3 for RHEL 8 and 9 are available from my repository.
is it possible to have the files in a "https" repo?
Help / Re: wxsmith crashes while dragging
« Last post by Wkerry on Today at 09:45:07 am »
@Miguel Gimenez

I smell a BOT as the post makes absolute no sense and does not have any resemblance to how a real human would respond (no argument in that "I AM NOT A n AI....."  etc etc).

Maybe another ban for a bot?
Nightly builds / Re: The 12 November 2023 build (13394) is out.
« Last post by thehay95 on Today at 03:57:17 am »

OS X version of this rev can be downloaded from my Google Drive.
There is only a macOS-11.6 version.
Note that it is not a notarized version of the application.

32 bits version for Windows can also be found in the same place.

Debian Bookworm (32 and 64 bits) can be installed from my repo

Ubuntu-22.04, 23.04 and 23.10 versions can be installed from my ppa

The Google Drive folder of this rev also contains the unsigned deb files available in the repo.


are you have version higher?
Help / Re: wxsmith crashes while dragging
« Last post by omlk on Yesterday at 05:21:03 pm »
@Miguel Gimenez

Oh, you mentioned such a historical event, in which it was clear that the site was not convenient, but since you touched on this topic, I have the following question:Why is the editor for creating posts so backward and not convenient for users (people), everything in the text shifts somewhere, the "\n\r"("<br />") to a new row is deleted - it's just terrible? and still no one managed to make a highlight for the syntax of c, c++, shell, etc.?
And please explain the word "maybe" in English. speech - ignored? whether it depends on the person reading the word "maybe".And this is the section on the "Help" forum where people communicate, and if I made a mistake in something, please correct me, and don't forbid me from communicating here. If no one will communicate, then why this forum?
This board is only for C::B development, you should use "Using Code::Blocks".

Stop the tutorial when arriving to Changing file composition, get familiar with this basic project (modifiy, add code...) and get back to the tutorial when you are more experienced.
Help / Re: wxsmith crashes while dragging
« Last post by Miguel Gimenez on Yesterday at 12:41:24 pm »
@wkerry, the posts have little sense from the very beginning. He debuted with a week ban because he refused to change his avatar from something like 640x640 to a reasonable size, finally the moderator had to reduce it.

@rartigas, we have no developers on Mac and the issue does not happen on MSW or on Linux, so it is difficult to fix. I posted the relevant code just in case somebody smarter than me spots something.

If Xaviou can test this issue with the debug version it would be very helpful.
Help / Re: wxsmith crashes while dragging
« Last post by rartigas on Yesterday at 09:56:01 am »

Is there any idea how this problem I posted can be solved?

I have been using CodeBlocks in Linux Ubuntu for many years, and mostly Qt Creator in the mac enviroment. On Windows I use Visual Studio + Qt Designer for professional use. The other two (linux and Mac) are mostly personal developments. The point is that Qt is being very aggressive with their politics about development environments used for personal purposes or professional purposes if you are the same person. This is the reason I'm adopting CodeBlocks on Mac. But, if problems like the one posted here are not solved, CB could not be a good option to develop under Mac.

I'm not expert in building CB from source. Even I tried and stoped with Hunspell library not installed, which is not true. So I'm more relying on people like you that can provide a binary file already compiled of CB

Help / Re: wxsmith crashes while dragging
« Last post by Wkerry on Yesterday at 09:31:13 am »
I wonder if  "o m l k" is now an AI bot as responses and posts are strange and do not make allot of sense for the last few weeks.
Using Code::Blocks / Re: Only terminal window came out when I try to run
« Last post by ayyitsrach on Yesterday at 07:33:41 am »
I've tried installing other IDE which is Dev CPP and tried running it. Same thing occured. Then, I code a simple "Hello world" on both IDE, the terminal display it fine. So I'm guessing it has something to do with my OpenGL setting but I couldn't figure out what. Anyone can help?
Help / Re: wxsmith crashes while dragging
« Last post by omlk on November 28, 2023, 10:30:11 pm »
I suggest next time you post something, you do more research about the topic, this is not the first time you post such nonsense.

A wxMouseEvent does not propagate, only wxCommandEvent derived events do, so your proposed change does nothing.
Explain why it doesn't make sense, it's not a simple solution and I'm not a newbie, so I'll gladly listen to how it should be right in this case.
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