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I think the request was to see more context, more around this section, to understand where this is happening. You cropped too hard  ;)
The icons are those funny looking ones, almost like they are giant versions of what it should be so you only see part of it.   But if you download it, you should be able to zoom in.
Help / C::B Watches window acting weird
« Last post by stuarte on August 10, 2022, 04:52:00 pm »

I have developed a small C program to sort a 2d array of 4 strings.
Before sorting, the Watches window shows the array to have only two elements, names[0] and names[1].

In the Watches window :-
a) names[0] is shown to contain "Florida", '\000' <repeats 12 tiimes>, "Oregon", '\000' <repeats 13
b) names[1] is shown to contain "Georgia", '\000' <repeats 12 times>

The array entry for the third string, California, is missing from the Watches window.

After sorting, in the Watches window :-
names[0] is shown to contain "Florida", '\000' <repeats 12 times>, "California\000\000\000\000\0
names[1] is shown to contain "Georgia\000ia\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000\000"
names[2] is shown to contain "Oregon", '\000' <repeats 13 times>

Why does the Watches window show only 2 array elements (i.e. names[0] and names[1]) before sorting and three array elements (i.e. names[0], names[1], and names[2]) after sorting ?

Why does the Watches window show more than one array element/string on the same line as though they are part of the same array element ?

Shouldn't the Watches window display each array element/string on its own line ?
I can not really identify the icons or the problem. Can you possibly make a bigger picture?
I moved from Devuan Beowulf (using 20.03 - from .deb files download) to Chimaera (has 20.03 built-in) and now have weird looking icons when opening projects/workspace.  I uninstalled all codeblock items, and reinstall from repository, the program still exists. This shows an example - the first two red squares or the project files and the last one is the workspace (the others with the correct icons related to .depend and .layout items.).

See pic attached.

How can I fix that?

Nightly builds / Re: The 07 August 2022 build (12859) is out.
« Last post by MaxGaspa on August 09, 2022, 11:03:14 pm »
However, I've been waiting for it to run on all platforms for a whole months without a crash or serious bug before adding it to contribs. So far no cigar.

I switched back to the "old" code completion plugin because I had several crashes. The "old" one seems not suffering the issue. I think it was related to

Fixed: OnEditorActivated() crash when using menu/File/New/File...

Now I'd like to use the new code completion plugin  but the latest package is

and I haven't the framework to compile it from sources (I' using the nightly and not compiling CB from sources).

So, when and if you have time an updated package (latest version) is welcome and appreciated.

I am getting crashes in all RunExposrtXXX() methods, even if I comment the inner code.

The problem is wxMenuItems generate wxEVT_MENU events, not wxEVT_COMMAND_TOOL_CLICKED, and the connected method receives a reference to wxCommandEvent.

    Connect(ID_Menu_AutotoolsExport, wxEVT_MENU, (wxObjectEventFunction)&ProjectExporter::RunExportAutotools);
void ProjectExporter::RunExportAutotools(wxCommandEvent& event)
(repeat for all methods)

Using a small project, for autotools I get:
AM_PATH_WXCONFIG(3.1.0, wxWin=1)
    if test "$wxWin" != 1; then
            wxWidgets must be installed on your system.

            Please check that wx-config is in path, the directory
            where wxWidgets libraries are installed (returned by
            'wx-config --libs' or 'wx-config --static --libs' command)
            is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or equivalent variable and
            wxWindows version is 3.1.0 or above.
Autotools build system created

For Bakefile I get 4 identical asserts:
arrstr(558) iIndex != -1 failed in Remove()
and then a .bkl file is created in the project's home page (but there should be an informative message).
EDIT: this asserts are generated in EmitFlags(), calling wxArrayString::Remove() asserts if the string does not exist.

Premake shows two messages:
Premake script exported
Premake script exported
and a .lua file is created in the project's home page (but there should be an informative message).

CMake shows this:
RunExportCMake started
RunExportCMake started completed
but does not create anything.
Plugins development / Re: Aplha's Project exporter - added "working" CMAKE POC
« Last post by AndrewCot on August 09, 2022, 12:14:00 pm »
Thanks for making the changes to the macro manager.
I prefer plugins/contrib.

I have just commited changes to the Macros Manager needed for the new plugin.
Plugins development / Re: Aplha's Project exporter - added "working" CMAKE POC
« Last post by AndrewCot on August 09, 2022, 12:14:49 am »
I still need to do the following for the CodeBlocks_Windows.cbp file:
1) Create a top level CMakeLists.txt file that builds all of the existing target CMakeLists.txt files.
2) make sure all of the rest of the targets build from the top level CMakeLists.txt
4) Ensure that I get a working Code::Blocks output

Then I need to see how it goes with the CodeBlocks_Windows.workspace file.
Where do you guys think the plugin will land? plugins or plugins/contrib? This way I can work on the project changes once I do the work above.
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