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What scaling factor are you using?. Please attach the contents of Help -> About -> Information in code tags.

This may be related to ticket 1297
I just downloaded and installed the latest nightly version of CodeBlocks (rev 12859) which requires
the two updated wx dlls (wxmsw317u..).
I also "installed" the previous version (rev 12858) in another directory.
I generally perform the following IDE settings:
- toolbar icon size: 32x32
- font editor: Consolas size 11
- compiler and debugger settings
Making the same settings and starting CodeBlocks (rev 12859) I notice these differences:
- the text in the editor is much smaller (rev 12859)
- the toolbar icons are much smaller (new icon file: height 32 pixels for rev 12858, 20 pixels for rev 12859)
- the height of the toolbars is also a bit different (about 34 pixels against 40)

I'm on windows 10 and the screen resolution is 1920 x 1080.
I attach two screenshots for the 12858 and 12859 versions

Sergio Ferrari

For the time being do not worry about which repo or branch to apply the PR to as I can manually make the changes at worst case and make sure they get applied. I remember my first PR was a complete disaster (it a number of updates to get only the files I wanted in the PR and then a few more to get the version I wanted and then it was not on the right branch etc etc), so you should do allot better than me.  If you do the PR today/tonight your time even if it is not finished it will help me tomorrow as I will be working on the updates/fixes then. I have finished doing anything more for today.

Eventually you should/will need to clone/fork the branch as it will allow you to compare the changes against the SF source to see what has changed to get the plugin building for the different builds.

Since my last post I have checked that the Debian build completes and produces the DEB files, but unfortunately I cannot check the resulting files as they will overwrite my currently install C::B and I do not want to do this at this point in time.
I made some changes to the Alpha's part addressing my findings, and was planning to make a PR in your Github on Saturday (I have never created one).

You have moved the code, how can I send patches or PR now?
It gets a bit more complex as I now have a branch on the my Github SF mirror fork and updated the build files so the plugin now builds against this SF Trunk mirror. I have updated the branch to build on the following processes, which I have also checked load the plugin:
  • Windows workspace
  • Linux Workspace
  • Linux boostrap/configure/make
  • MacOS boostrap/configure/make
I have not had time to test the Linux Debian build process as it takes a few hours from start to finish and in 95+% of cases if the Linux boostrap/configure/make works then the Debian build also works, apart from if I have made mistake(s) in the files in the Debian directory as the build process under the hood is the same as far as I have seen.

The github SF CB mirror branch with the changes is:This branch is the equivalent of the SF SVN trunk from 24 hrs ago (r12860) with the build and source changes for the plugin. The mirror is normally updated between 4 and 24 hrs after any SF changes, but sometimes (once every month or two) it can lag by 36 to 48 hrs. Worst I have sen it in the last year is 3 days when there were internet backbone issues in the USA.

If nothing else pops up I can start to look at Miguel's feedback tomorrow.
I see the code is now switched to this folder, so the web link in the first post should be adjusted.

and good work!
Thanks for the testing and feedback. I am working on getting the plugin incorporated into all of the build steps for all of the different processes.

I have not tested or used any of Alpha's existing export options as I am more interested in exporting to CMake. I will get to the feedback in a few days time.

What project/workspace were you using for the tests? This way when I get to look at the issues I can try the same file in case it has something that I have not catered for in the CMake exporter.

Help / Re: C::B Watches window acting weird
« Last post by BlueHazzard on August 10, 2022, 08:47:23 pm »
This is probably a parsing error.
Can you enable full debug logging (settings->debugger->Common->Full (Debug) log) and post the debug log (from the debugger tab at the log panel) after sorting the watches here?
Also can you post example code what you are using?
I think the request was to see more context, more around this section, to understand where this is happening. You cropped too hard  ;)
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