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Title: Forum registration capture is too grainy to decipher.
Post by: LeslieS on February 21, 2022, 06:22:37 am
I had quite a difficult time registering for this forum. 
The #1 problem is a capture that could elude a crack CIA code breaking team. 
This picture is an example of one of the better ones that came up. I could make out a couple of the letters.
Also the test for what year is the next year is stuck at last year.     
Since I could not register, I went on the CodeBlocks website to find some contact info. There is none. 
Even where the donations page states that "if there is a problem contact the codeblocks team", there is no contact information.   
I ended up filing a ticket at sourceforge (#1210).   
I came back later this evening and got a capture that had enough pixels to guess the correct letters.   
I feel that the capture system for registering here is in dire need of improvement.