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Title: Startup Script for wxwidgets development
Post by: srini2174 on July 13, 2014, 08:22:41 am

    I am unable to compile even the minimal wxwidgets sample with codeblocks.  I am using the wxwidgets 3.0 official 64bit binaries.  The current wxwidgets wizard is unable to handle this since the official libraries are extracted to WX_ROOT_DIR/vc110_x64_dll and not WX_ROOT_DIR/vc_dll as required by the current script. 

Hence I am want to create my own wizard.  I need to access the compiler version and the architecture in this wizard.  I tried using the GetCompilerFactory().GetCompilerVersionString("msvc*") to get the version string, but this gives an empty string.  How can I get the compiler version and architecture.