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Title: If you experience TinyXml errors...
Post by: MortenMacFly on October 10, 2006, 11:02:30 am
Dear all,
if you experience TinyXml errors on the startup of C::B please notice:
So far the strings in the configuration were saved "plain". Thus for example if you searched for "cout <<" this was saved just as this in the config. As you might be aware "<" and ">" not encapsulated can bring an XML parser in trouble - so with TinyXml. The error message will tell you the row and column where in the XML file this error occured. In that case open the XML file (e.g. default.conf from C::B), go to that row/column and remove any tags like "<" and ">". Repeat this steps until you receive no more errors (;-)). The XML file should now be valid again. The next time it gets saved threse strings are properly encapsulated in a CDATA struct... thanks Thomas.
With regards, Morten.