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Title: Forum registration troubles
Post by: StillSvenTmp on April 16, 2020, 02:54:36 pm
Two days ago I tried to register here using Gmail-based e-mail address. After two days and two activation resends, I still haven't received a confirmation/ activation letter (or three). It's neither in Spam nor Trash, and I haven't set up any autodeletion rules. I had to use another e-mail (non-Gmail) to register and write about this, which worked more or less instantly.
For the forum admins: the pending registration is under name of StillSven, and I'd really like to use that one instead of -Tmp. The only difference between the registration was the "Allow users send emails" flag, which I unchecked the first time and left turned on the second time. I would be perplexed if the optional checkmark would prevent registration from going through, though.