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Title: New WiKi section to collect announcements of patches/plugins
Post by: MortenMacFly on December 15, 2005, 07:05:49 pm
Dear all,

I've created a new WiKi section to collect the announcement of plugins/patches in one place. This is to keep track about what's available besides the SVN repository. I would welcome any plugin / patch developer to do an announcement there as desired. Please note that this is not a forum to post bugfixes or similar. This section is to provide plugins that are not in SVN and patches that e.g. apply a specific function to Code::Blocks that is not intended to be integrated into SVN. This could e.g. be an adaptation for a very specific compiler that would rewquire a lot of changes on the core of Code::Blocks.

Within the WiKi I've also created templates to post new announcements which should really be used to keep the look-and-feel of the information consitent.

See: - under "Table of Contents" - "Announcement for plugins/patches" for details.
See also:

Important: Please post replies in: to consolidate answers in one thread.

With regards,


Ps.: The admins may forgive my crossposting into 3 forums... :shock: