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Title: Export/Import settings
Post by: Anonymous on June 08, 2005, 08:02:37 pm

lately i installed c::b on my notebook.
I exported the settings from my desktop installation an tried to import it on the notebook, but it didn't work.
I tried to export the registry key and import it on my notebook, but for example the settings for the key words (i added a lot of new ones from textpad) are still the same (from the installation point).
I have both systems running with win2k.
On a third computer (at work, OS winXP) i installed c::b and found a registry key, in which the keywords occured.
With editing this registry key, had an effect on the settings, when c::b is restarted.
On win2k this key has no effect.?!
Seems a little weird, or did i miss something?
I would like to keep the settings of all installations up to date.

Any way thanx for this great IDE.
There was a great effort in the last few month, since i installed the first beta.
Meanwhile i've deleted my dev-cpp installation!

Tom :wink:
Title: Export/Import settings
Post by: mandrav on June 08, 2005, 08:10:28 pm

it's not implemented yet  :oops:
Should be implemented before 1.0 though.