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Codeblocks MCU / OpenOCD plugin

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What license is subject to the plugin Codeblocks MCU?

If it is the GPL, it would be possible, you offer a Codeblocks with integrated Codeblocks MCU plugin.

I am looking for openOCD plugin that i can use with codeblocks. can u help?

You can use the gdb plugin to work with OpenOCD. Start openocd and connect to it with gdb

You have to set up this settings:
Project->Properties->Debugger->Remote debugging support

For more information:


I am looking for OpenOCD plugin to link it directly with my codeblocks. I have tried the link mentioned in above replies, but I guess those links had been expired.
Help me to get the plugin.

Anand A.

As i told you, you can use OpenOCD without the plugin...
berlios is dead since a lot years i don't think you will find any code from there sry...


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