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several compiler/debuger modifications/upgrades :p
« on: September 21, 2005, 02:52:18 am »
I'm not keeping track of it, but I imagine that someone must know and is probably already working on:
- The breakpoints aren't removed form the debugger (I clear them in the window, but the debugger stops there again. Can't remember, but I think that setting and removing it again clears that state)
- Multiple windows of the same file while debugging
- the compiler sometimes gives messages like undefined reference to function f @ some point in some file where that function is not even used :p. Well I know that this is not a very good description, but...
- While debugging sometimes adding a "this" watch just folds all other watches in that one
- How can one make Code::Blocks use syntax highlight on files using -*-c++-*- but without extension?
- While debugging, why the debugger doesn’t open other available files (that don't belong to the project). I'm saying this, because I think that it's kind of annoying that you have to press 100 times the "step in" key before you actually see something happening
- the compiler could also open files not belonging to the project when he finds an error in those files or related to them
- Ok when have "find in files" what about "replace in files" (even without undo)
- find (and replace) in files could support selection of search dirs and workspace
- How about a disassembler window (with register values  :D)
- How about a debugging window kind of like m$VS  :P with context variables, function return values, color change for changed vars, etc :D (I feel like I'm asking too much)
- Since I'm just asking, it would be interesting to have an option to compile single file (right click on file list)
- A "save all" icon
- A close file button (on the right of each tab :p or on the right of all tabs :D)
- When parsing visual studio projects Code::Blocks adds complete file path to relative paths. One can get something like d:\dir\subdir\..\somedir when the ideal would be ..\somedir
- auto complete could work a little better, ctrl+space could give context related choices. Example for a pointer p, it could give access to the members of p (but only the members and not just everything :p
- When compiling Code::Blocks could save all files needing to be saved (even if not belonging to the active project)
- Project dependencies could be added :D
- right click rename file  :)
- Possibility of editing options for all targets at the same time

Ok, ok I'm exaggerating hihi.
Well I started using C::B because I wanted an IDE with workspace support, but I ended up using it for many other reasons.
It's a great work generally, but I think that the debugger support is still needing lots of work. When the debugger is "ok" then I can think of C::B as an app that you can actually use in really serious projects without fear. :lol:
I think that the debugger support is really important, because if something goes wrong in an important project and you don't have the tools that you need to get it right, the all the fancy things the IDE has won’t be worth a thing.
I can only say I'll give hand as soon as I have some time to spare. Starting in October and beyond I may have some free time :D
I can, at least, work on the things I proposed here.  8)
That’s about it, I think :D