Author Topic: Using Trolltech's qmake as a Makefile generator  (Read 9489 times)

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Using Trolltech's qmake as a Makefile generator
« on: September 18, 2005, 03:27:00 pm »
I am trying to make c::b work with trolltech's qmake as a make file generator. Some background:
Since I saw that c::b has (or tries to have) support for qt projects I was certain that I'll use it as my main IDE. The Qt support though is really limited: no meta object compiling, no user interface compiling etc. So I thought I should try to make c::b work with the qt api. Everything that is qt related can be described in a .pro file (qt project file) and using qmake you can generate a makefile that will be used by the compiler to actualy build the qt project correctly. There were many choices that came to my mind and I think that the best one is to add a "Work with qmake generated makefiles" choice under build method in the compiler settings. Using this method qmake will be invoked to generate a makefile and the generated makefile will be used to compile the project. Note that qmake generates makefiles for any kind of project not just qt projects and that it has an open source edition for windows.
I have already implemented the above and of cource I have many implementation specific questions to ask but I firstly want to know if you think that this is indeed a useful feature that can be integrated with c::b and that I am within the general design patterns of c::b.
If it seems that supporting qmake is desired any other ideas on how to make c::b work with qmake (or a makefile generator in general) are welcome.
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Life would be so much easier if we could just look at the source code.