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SDL app and GDB in CodeBlocks [gdb fails?]
« on: September 05, 2008, 02:04:00 pm »
Hey, i'm coding an SDL app in C/++ and SDL. I'm using the CodeBlocks IDE. I downloaded the GDB debugger and i am having some trouble with it.

Whenever i set a breakpoint, it never stops at that point. All that happens is my app runs as per normal (excluding the accompanying console window).

So my question is, how do i get GDB to work correctly?

NOTE: I have added the SDL_INIT_NOPARACHUTE flag to SDL_Init() which i understand is required for the MSVC++ debugger.

Thanks in advance,

I've realised this is my error, its something with the debugger
> break "C:/test/main.cpp:24"
No source file named C:/test/main.cpp in loaded symbols.
Breakpoint 1 ("C:/test/main.cpp:24) pending.

I don't understand what this means :\

-g wasn't added to compiler options and -s was. Ty internet.
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