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Process terminated with status 1


    Can any kind person diagnose this error message?

Project   : Console application
Compiler  : MinGW Compiler Suite
Directory : D:\Data\Programming\wxWindows1\
Process terminated with status 1 (0 minutes, 0 seconds)

I assume it's an error message, even though it doesn't say "error", because an .exe hasn't appeared.  This message appears whenever I try to compile with MinGW.  I have compiled the "Hello World" sucessfully before. But now, for some reason, it's stopped working.

many thanks in advance

    Hugo Elias

Hi Hugo,

- Do you really want to compile a console program? If you want a gui, you should select appropriate
application type.

- You didn't say about wx version, it may help to find problems.

Meanwhile I uploaded a zip containing two projects to compile wxminimal samples to my home page.
For both wx242 and wx253, and with Release/Debug targets.


Hakki Dogusan
(Using forum in mail format ;-))

To add my message:

"The Best Example Project" for CodeBlocks is itself !

It has wxgui, static lib, dll, console exe targets.

Hakki Dogusan

Hi Hugo,

the first thing you should do, is download the 1.0-beta5 version which, besides adding new features, fixes quite some bugs.

Also, when posting for help, it actually helps people help you if you post your codeblocks version, your OS and your compiler. Generally, the more info you give, the most likely you 'll get a spot-on answer...


PS: The message you 're getting, generally, means that a process was launched and returned with status code 1. I know it's not helpful but I can't say anything more with the little info you gave...


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