Author Topic: Output parsing with localized compiler/preprocessor messages  (Read 1765 times)

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I'm a french user of Code::Block with Gcc compiler (Mingw / Linuw and Apple versions)

I had an issue with the localized outputs of the compiler that where parsed as an error even for simple warnings.
I corrected this behaviour by adding appropriate filters to the Settings / Compiler / Advanced settings / output parsing options...
Just copying the english filters and changing [Ww]arning and [Ee]rror by [Aa]ttention and [Eerreur]
I also modified for adding an optionnal space between the word and the column :
[Ww]arning:[ \t] -> [Ww]arning[ \t]:[ \t] which also fixed some wrong interpretations...

Maybe this can help other users... And maybe the main localized messages could be added by default for next release...
I don't think we can relly on the (to come ?) localized information to set this because of the great variety of configurations (localized Code::Blocks with unlocalized compiler )

By the way another nice feature would be to enable to set the color of the parde mesage in the output window (I did not found how to do it...)



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Re: Output parsing with localized compiler/preprocessor messages
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2008, 11:08:23 am »
Hi !

To be a little more portable, you could try something like
to support both French and English outputs. Note that I don't know if it works with the regular expression type used for compiler output...