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Bug windres -J ??


Hi all,

I started to test beta5/Win version of CB.  Thank a lot, first.

I got problems to compile my .rc script (MinGW, install package MinGW-3.1.0-1.exe). I looked to advanced options, here is script for compiling resources which is there used:

$rescomp -i $file -J rc -o $resource_output -O coff $res_includes

I wasn't sure about -J switch, because windres --h tell me only about -I switch (input format, in this case rc). So after change -J to -I it work OK.

Can someone comfirm if this is bug or not?

Happy code::blocking


It's not a bug.
MinGW's windres option "-I" is now deprecated (can't remember the exact windres version that happened) and "-J" should be used instead. But if your windres chokes on "-J", then just edit it in the advanced compiler options (like you did).

The solution was alse mentioned in this thread.

Thanx for mentioning it,

I even deleted the "-J rc" option, and it worked without any problem.


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