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New developer joined the team :)

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We would like to welcome Jens Lody (goes around here by the nick "jens") to the Code::Blocks Team.
His clean and valuable contributions did not go un-noticed and is thus now a member of the team :).

Welcome Jens :)

The Code::Blocks Team.

Thank you for your welcome and again thanks for your faith in me  :D.

I hope I can contribute to improve this IDE.

Welcome! Nice to know having you "truly" on-board now. :P

Edit: Are you on MSN, too, probably...?!

Welcome Jens.
Good to have you on the team :-)


--- Quote from: MortenMacFly on July 15, 2008, 01:37:42 pm ---Edit: Are you on MSN, too, probably...?!

--- End quote ---

No MSN or anything like this in the moment, just plain old (e)mail.

But things might change in the future.


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