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debugger autostart on step-over
« on: May 05, 2008, 04:37:46 am »
One of the most exciting features of C::B is that it autostart the debugger when you hit "Run to cursor".
(Although we had that feature in Turbo C zillion years ago =)
But there are two problems:

1) The program does not really "run to cursor", it does "run to cursor and focus the output window"
Since output window does not understand any shortcut except maybe Alt+Tab, it is very annoying. I have to use mouse to switch back to C::B and continue debugging.

2) if you press StepOver, the debugger will not autostart. But for short programs it is very useful to simply press F8 (or whatever you have for StepOver), and have the debugger started and executed up to the first line of code in the main() function. This is the same as putting cursor on the first line of code in the main() function and pressing "Run To Cursor"

PS. I realized you cannot post messages here until you "preview" them.