Author Topic: my first wxWidgets project in Code::Blocks - project from template doesn't work  (Read 2922 times)


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Hi All

First of all - many thanks for all people involved in this project.

I'm very new to the CB. I installed it on WindowsXP as well as wxWidgets ver 2.8.7. I made the wxWidghets 2.8.x project from template, chose wxSmith as a GUI Builder and Dialog Based as the Application Type. Later in the wizard I get the following error:
"A matching Debug configuration cannot be found in the wxWidgets directory you specified. This means that Debug target of your project will not build".
When I continue I get the same error about Release configuration. When I build the project I get the following error:
"C:\wxWidgets\2.8.7\include\wx\platform.h|196|wx/setup.h: No such file or directory"
followed but a lot of errors like this:
"C:\wxWidgets\2.8.7\include\wx\chkconf.h|103|#error "wxUSE_DYNLIB_CLASS must be defined."|"

It seems like wxWidgets isn't configured. I see the configure script in the wxWidgets folder. How could I run it on Windows to configure the library? Do I need linux environment like cygwin to do this?

Best regards
Piotr Dobrogost


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I just found this topic: "wxWidgets: A matching Release configuration cannot be found" (,8175.0.html) and hope reading WxWindowsQuickRef ( mentioned there would give me an answer. If not I'll come back to this topic :)

Piotr Dobrogost


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Just wanted to say that I used the intructions at and it all went well. I had previously compiled wxWidgets myself (no issues) and I was not able to successfully compile any of my wxWidgets based projects.

I didn't know about wxPack -- it's pretty much a compiled package of wxWidgets. I downloaded it and installed it -- sweet! I was able to setup my wxWidgets project in CB and got it built and running in no time.

Looks like wxSmith does not yet support the wxAUI widgets -- I want them -- so I'm gonna try out wxFormBuilder and see how that works out.