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CVS HEAD wx2.4 wx2.6 wx.26 unicode
« on: August 27, 2005, 08:38:50 pm »
OK, checked out CVS HEAD around 2-3 hours ago and tested with various wxWidgets configurations.  Works out of the box with wx2.4.2 and wx2.6.1 (see screenshots below).  No crashes or other problems  :D

wx2.6.1 Unicode build needed some mods to wxDockit 2.01 which is included in the CVS source - it was fairly easy to modify, following the guidelines in the Unicode thread.  Please check that the mods are correct (attachment contains source after modifications - I would recommend to use a directory diff tool:
winmerge or beyond compare on windows
kdiff3 on linux

The wx2.6.1 Unicode build also needed some mods to main.cpp.  Those should be double-checked as well.  Unicode build runs and quits properly - no more crashes and the docking works properly  :)

Here's the modified source:

and unicode refs:,673.msg5369.html#msg5369,673.msg5385.html#msg5385,673.msg4851.html#msg4851




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