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Mind replacing "compile" terms by "build"?

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I think that the compiler plugin menu (when you click on the "compile" item of the menu) is quite confusing. Somewhere the term "compile" is used to signify a compile+link for a target, but "rebuild" when recompile+relink. I would prefer to match the terms used by MSVC, that is:
- "compile single file" to call the compiler for one file
- "build" to callĀ  the compiler+linker for a project or a target
- "rebuild" to clean then compile+link a project/target

The menu would be called "Build" instead of "Compile". Same for batch processing (i.e. batch "build" and batch clean) and for all-targets processing (i.e. build All, rebuild All, clean All). I think it will be clearer and no more confuse users coming from another IDE.

So what are your opinions about this? Please voteĀ  :wink:

I prefer the "build" term; building means compiling and linking, not only compiling, so it's the logical choice.

Don't forget to change "Compile & run" and presumably "Compile" menu's name.

i'm also used to the following terms:

compiling - compile source-file(s) to an object-file(s)
linking  -  linking object-file(s) to an executable (exe, dll or library)
building - compiling, linking and everything what's necessary to build an actual project

therefore - option 1 - of course ;-)

Ok, seems that there's a consensus about terms. I'll make the changes ASAP.


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