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CVS version compiles, but won't run

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Hello all, ever since I started to use wxWidgets 2.6.1 under Windows, I never managed to successfully run the CVS HEAD.

It will invariably crash on startup, with this error description:
AppName: codeblocks.exe    AppVer:    ModName: wxmsw26_gcc_cb.dll
ModVer:    Offset: 000604b7

I followed the instructions to compile exactly, and didn't forget to run update.bat.

I'm using MinGW 3.4.4, with Mingw32-make version 3.80.

The only change I made to the project was to ignore $(WX_DIR)\*$(WX_CFG) folders, since I don't use Unicode yet.
No matter how many times I clean/uninstall/reinstall wxWidgets, I keep getting the same end result.

Please help, it's becoming frustrating...  :(

Thank you for any suggestion

i didn't get any error's when building the cvs version
here are my batchfile to build wxWidgets and my used codeblocks project file to build C::B (cvs) with C::B (RC1)

the only source of errors a had sometimes, when i did build wxWidgets from the same directory where i had build another configuration of wxWidgets i.e. previous i built static libs, afterwards then shared libs.
sometimes the make <option> clean doesnt work as expected, which led me to the solution to unzip a virgin directory of wxWidgets, build the libs there and copy the lib\gcc_dll directory then to my working copy of wxWidgets and delete the build copy if everything works as expected.

i use the same gcc and make version as you
wxWidgets wxMSW2.6.1 and wxWidgets-2.6.1-Patch01

 $(WX_DIR)\*$(WX_CFG) folders is not only used for unicode builds,
it reflects the install directory and VENDOR option setting

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Thank you for the quick response :)

Yes, my wxWidgets is also patched. I'll try your project file as soon as I can.

Hi again...

:( Exact same thing... I have no idea what could be wrong...

have you tried to rebuild wxWidgets from a fresh unzipped wx261 directory too ?


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