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Dual Screen idiosyncracy


Hi -  I'm new to C::B but a search didn't show anything up, so a question here before a bug report...

I'm running C::B (V1.0-RC1/WinXP) on a dual-screen setup, with the screens arranged [1][2], with [1] being the main but [2] being the one I'm running C::B on.  The issue is that all dialogs popup on the right-side of the [1] screen.  Would anyone happen to know if this is likely to be something in C::B itself, or an issue with the underlying GUI toolkit?


If you happen to have a nVidia graphics card and the 77.72 drivers, it is very well possible that this is a nVidia thing.
I had the very same problem (and a couple of others) after updating to 77.72 drivers.
The Desktop Manager would suddenly swap display 1 and display 2, assign random sizes (and I mean random) to explorer or browser windows, sometimes open them maximized, and show all dialog boxes on the secondary display.
Luckily, the dialog box thing can be configured under Desktop Management -> Windows -> Move Dialog boxes to display...
I had to toggle it forth and back a few times, but eventually it worked.

Interesting, but unfortunately, I don't think it's applicable in this case as I've a ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 running from my (work) Thinkpad T41. 

It's not misbehaving as such & could simply be that the dialog positioning code is trying to trap off-screen positions, but not taking account of a dual-monitor setup.


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