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Hi mandrav,

It would be quite useful to have a "Go to definition" option in the right-click menu for a function or variable. It should also work for standard functions like "strncpy".


Hi again,

Another nice feature would be to enhance Help to go to MSDN to look up the function description.


Yet another suggestion.

It would be much nicer to have project directories in the workspace file defined as relative to the workspace directory. This will simplify sharing the sources by different people.

But in any case, as I can see your primary goal is not feature blowning, but stability of the product. Please, keep that goal no matter what! This is why people choose C::B instead of DevCpp, this is extremely important for developers.

Thank you for your marvelous job.

Another good spot for improvement is to clean up the file list. I have a structure like this:
 - proj
   - c.workspace
   - c.cbp
 - src
   - a.c
   - b.c

Then in the project view I created a folder "Source files" (it was in fact created by importing an MSVC project). In this folder I now get subfolders like this:
 - Source files
    - ..
      - src
        - a.c

which is rather weird.
Was it made so intentionally? If so, I'd like you to consider putting only the last subdirectory, as a menu item ".." looks bizzare.

P.S. Yiannis, could you please let me know whether you have read these proposals?..


--- Quote from: mike ---P.S. Yiannis, could you please let me know whether you have read these proposals?..
--- End quote ---

I read everything  8)
You may not get an answer immediately but I do take all suggestions under consideration.

Keep 'em coming  :D



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