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MSW-only: MFC to wxWidgets code conversion plugin


This is not an announcement, but a suggestion.

If anyone with experience in both MFC and wxWidgets came up with such a plugin would prove extremely useful for adoption of wxWidgets. A lot of MFC programming work is about to die, with the advent of .NET, and coming Windows Vista, and recovering such work with a plugin which automates a great deal of tasks would prove helpful and motivate further use of both wxWidgets as well as Code::Blocks.

Unfortunatley, I am busy ATM, and also have no solid knowledge of MFC.

That sounds like a large-scale sourceforge project in an of itself.  I've never seen MS release anything like a MFC->.NET or MFC->win32api conversion tool and think about how much that would please their customer base (all the convenience of MFC, but the speed and no dll runtime restrictions of win32api code).  MFC is a massive library.

Maybe it could be feature of my wxSmith plugin :). I'll think about it... it will be a big block of code ;) (First I need to finish wxSmith).
I know MFC a little bit and it's architecture seems to be very similar to wxWidgets. But there's one problem - not all features of MFC can be used inside wxWidgets and building intuitive conversion system... hmm, I can only dream of  :roll:

I think it's not possible...

It would be possible to support a part of MFC, but althought the architectures are very similar, it's certainly not possible to do an entire conversion replacing some terms with others...

Furthermore, MFC developpers are used to using some Win32 API functions in their programs...

But if someone wants to try...

However I don't think somebody really needs this ^^

That makes no sense to me.
In Business it would make more sense to redesign a App, than
converting it, and than having to do the bughunting, such a tool
could never work by 100%.
You could convert the GUI, but how good and efficient would
the conversion of the Sourcecode be ?

And if its just about the GUI Surface, i think a tool like
wxFormBuilder will do a better job.


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