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debugging with msp430-gdb?

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Hi Maricup.
Right now I can build msp430 projects inside Code::Blocks using the mspgcc toolchain, what I'm missing is the debugging part

--- Quote from: mariocup ---we made some modifications of the msp430 compiler and also to the insight debugger.

--- End quote ---

would it be possible to obtain such modified versions?

On another subject, is there anyone who could provide a modified version of the debugger pluggin (debugger.dll ?) with gdb_driver.cpp modified so that command line does not include " -args" switch? I cannot build it myself because I don't have xwWidgets installed.


--- Quote from: jumafra on November 09, 2007, 05:01:03 pm ---would it be possible to obtain such modified versions?

--- End quote ---

Yes I will but the modified version on our ftp server (next week) and send you the link. Hope to have soon time to send the patches to the mspgcc community.

Hi Mariocup.
Thanks a lot. I'll look forward to it. Next week is great because I'll be out for the weekend.


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