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why is gdb not even started!


I'm pleased to see that here has been created a discussion corner for embedded guys. I'm using CB for some month now. Now with the newest version I was able to integrate my asm-files and my linker script so I don't had to use my own makefile anymore. Good work guys!

But there is a major problem now with GDB. I can't get it running.
Under Settings->Compiler and Debugger->Toolchain Exec.->Debugger is "arm-elf-gdb.exe" selected and that is correct. I also have enable the option display debugger log under the settings to see the debugger output.
I compile my project and select Debug->Start. Now I expect that gdb is startet and gives me some errors, but nothing happens.
The only change is that in the Tab "Code::Clocks Debug" the line "DebuggerGDB::OnCompilerFinished" is added. Both tabs "Debugger" and "Debuger (debug)" stay untouched..

Also adding an init command like: "target localhost:3333" is not helping.

So what did i not understand?

Well this Thread seems to interest many visitors here, but none of you had an idea.. So I had to figure it out by my own. My Programm is compiled with -Wall so I get some warnings while compiling. But regardless the warnings I had a running elf-file and this could be used for debugging - nomally. But it seems that the C::B debugger only starts after compilation, if there are of course no errors and warnings! I was able to debug my code after compilation with option -w what gives me no warning.

Can someone confirm that? Is it meaningful to suppress debuging of code that throws warnings?

However I can not debug, because C::B is using other directories than my compiler. The compiler uses relative paths to set symbolnames and so on.. But C::B uses the full path to set a breakpoint. The result is this message from GDB:

--- Code: ---break "C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Administrator/Eigene Dateien/Elektronik/ARMProjects/ARM Roboter/src/main.c:140"
No source file named C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Administrator/Eigene Dateien/Elektronik/ARMProjects/ARM Roboter/src/main.c.
Breakpoint 1 ("C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Administrator/Eigene Dateien/Elektronik/ARMProjects/ARM Roboter/src/main.c:140) pending.

--- End code ---

GDB expects somethng like "src/main.c". Maybe this could also be a problem caused by the spaces in the directory names, I will have to check this.

Then this is probably related to the bug I mentioned in,6514.msg54364.html#msg54364

Yes maybe it is the same problem, but I'm using the same system for debugger and target. I see that CodeBlocks uses the slash as the seperator and my windows system normally uses the backslash.

However executing the command "break main" gives me: "Breakpoint 1 at 0x620000e0: file src/main.c, line 144.". You can see that GDB itself uses the slash, that is also used be CodeBlcoks.


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