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After importing a vc project the compiler won't work without closing and restarting the Codeblocks IDE. Also if it is present, it should be the compiler for a project imported from vc. Also, I got cl : Command line error D2004 : '/W' requires an argument.  I don't see a way to change this in compiler settings. In Build Options|Other Options


Also,,321.0.html to the contrary, neither the Platform SDK nor VC++ Toolkit contain cvtres.exe

Found a copy in C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322 which also contains the C# compiler, which it would be cool if it worked with Codeblocks.

Better not to go into C:\windows for tools.

It is there (PlatformSDK), but under the bin/win64 dir.  (lib.exe also).  They work fine for 32-bit windows.  My guess is that MS has not written 64-bit versions of these tools yet and just lets the 32-bit versions run in emulation mode on 64-bit machines...

2nd, I don't like the idea of the default compiler changing on me when importing projects.  If I was working with a lot of msw, prj files then I'm most likely to use vc++ toolkit by default.

You should probably just remove the -Wall flag.  This has to be fixed.  CodeBlocks should be better at emitting correct flags for the selected compiler, e.g. get rid of these on creating new project (with vc++ toolkit as default):

I am finding I am having to manually add libraries under Compile|Compiler Options|Linker|Link libraries:|Add
Placing directories in Compile|Compiler Options|Directory|Linker doesn't seem to work. Also I selected Clean and am now getting a command execution failed error. It isn't going away when closing and reopening Codeblocks.

We're currently having a problem with linker messages. The linker line doesn't display the results.

So the linker aborts, and the only message you see is "command execution failed". It usually means it's missing some libraries. You might want to try selecting "use makefiles" and see what results you get. I just hope it works with VC, tho.

But CL.exe doesn't appear to be running

Project   : TaskSwitchXP
Compiler  : Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 (called directly)
Directory : C:\TaskSwitchXP\
Switching to target: Debug
Command execution failed...


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