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Compile N files at once

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Yeah  :)

When the thread poll discussed in another thread will be implemented, we would be able to provide faster compilation of source files, even with inter-target dependencies.

Threads from the poll would have (as a task) to compile one file from the current target, and at end of all compilations, there would be a synchronization so that the linker could be called as one task. For inter-target dependencies, we may:
- wait for the dependency targets to be compiled and linked prior to the compilation of the current project (as it is now)
- or ensure that the linker command for the current project is called after the linker commands of dependency targets. In this case we may have errors reported more than once since distincts targets could use the same (.h) files.

I would also advocate for a buffer log for each compilation task: the error display would be modified only when a task has finished, so that there's no interleaved error messages from different tasks.

To conclude, it should be possible and not so hard to implement that, provided that a thread poll and a synchronization mecanism after compilation are implemented. Another todo for the compiler plugin redesign  :D

Oh, forget my remark about thread poll, wxExecute deals with processes and not threads. However i will take that the remark into account when working on the new compiler plugin.


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