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Compiler plugin redesign for post v1.0?

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One reason: I don't know! :lol:

Anyway the problem is this:

The compiler module is *not*  only about the compiler plugin... it's part of the SDK, too! And there are A LOT of classes that are intermingled like some kind of structured spaguetti but the structure is hard to decypher / reverse engineer (even with the source code :P ).

Now if Yiannis did the favor of explaining how the thingy works, I'd be very grateful.

I was talking mainly about the compiler plugin compilation engine, that is, the code that compile the different project source files.

But I've forgotten to talk about the compiler configuration and options. Inspired from what Rick said, I think it would be great to have a xml configuration file for each compiler instead of some specific lines of code in the compiler plugin for each compiler, so that it would be easier to support another compiler by writing a new xml file. Or maybe a sub-plugin for each new compiler. Don't know what is the best to do.

In this configuration file:
- some hints to detect the compiler installation path (name of the registry key, path variable...)
- name of the executables of the compiler/linker/debugger/resource compiler
- description of the switches options for the compiler/linker (with a set of equivalent options for all compilers ?). We must allow mutually exclusive options.
- maybe the file extensions recognized by the compilers?

Rick, the compilation engine is quite confusing for now, it have lost some days trying to understand how it works. I think I have understood but it's not easy to explain how it works. The easiest thing to do is to redesign it I thinkĀ  :lol: Don't worry, I will work on that :P . I have not tried to understand the option management during compilation yet, so I can't help you Rick!


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