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New inter-target dependency feature

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Here are some screenshots from MSVC to inspire from

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wait wait wait, what TODO list? I can search the WHOLE project for todo's, but it'd help if you gave me the filenames at least :P

And what are those buttons in the screenshots supposed to do? I mean, there's clean in there... is this our same "clean" and rebuild? :-? i got confused now...

Well, the TODO list of the first post of this thread :p

Build, Clean buttons refer to batch build feature, i.e. you select a list of targets to be built or cleaned or rebuilt...
If you want, when you hit clean, it cleans all the selected targets (see the checkboxes?). The selection is conserved when you close and reopen the dialog so it's a really cool feature ;)

Hmm... build, batch build, er.... mind explaining more how it's supposed to work?

As a first approximation, build is quite the same as compile.

compile: process (compile) only the current source file
build: process (compile and link) the current project/target
batch build: process (compile and link) a list of projects/targets

"build" invoke the linker after all compilations whereas "compile" just invoke the compiler, maybe that's why the terms are different is MSVC or in some other software.
In C::B terms, this is respectively called "compile single file", "compile" (and "batch compile" which do not exist yet). I think the term "build" is more appropriate (maybe since I have a MSVC background :p ) but I don't really care for now.

So the batch build dialog allow to select a bunch of targets and perform a build (i.e compile) or a clean for these selected targets, and the selection is remembered from call to call.
Maybe we may call it "Batch processing" and add compile, recompile and clean buttons to match the terms used in C::B

Edit: humm, not exactly. In C::B there's "compile" and "rebuild" (and not recompile). Not really coherent though :P


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