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Update 1.0-RC1-1 released


A minor update package has been released to address some issues reported for the 1.0-RC1 release which was released last week.
The downloads page will soon be updated to include these files. You can get them from if you 're in a hurry ;)

List of changes:
* Close button added to close the active editor
* Fixed editor caret and focus line disappearing under linux
* Fixed all dialogs to appear correctly under linux
* Enabled opened files tree under linux
* Revamped the design of the compiler settings to make it more user-friendly.
* When pressing "Run" it checks if the project isn't built and displays a message
* Enabled "Find" function for files without project
* More MSVC importer updates
* Code-completion enhancements
* Editor background color can now be changed

That's all folks :)
Take care. I 'm going on vacation now, so I 'll be seeing you in about 2 to 3 weeks from now :P


Installing now

Whoho! Thanks Mandrav, and happy vacation to you! take care

Thanks :)
Happy vacations :)

Yiannis: Probably you won't read this on time, but enjoy :)


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