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--- Quote from: bud on August 02, 2005, 06:41:12 pm ---p.s.: Current version of GCC is 4.0.1. I hope MinGW can use newest version of GCC and Code::Blocks can use newest version of MinGW.

--- End quote ---
IIRC, the fact that GCC went to version 4 is not because it's a big improvement over previous versions (yet), but because of major internal changes in the way it works, that should lead to improved optimization opportunities and cleaner internals.
This means it might be best to wait a bit until a lot of the newly introduced bugs have been worked out (and I don't think that'll have happened in a .0.1 release).
Though I have heard compile times for unoptimized C++ programs are greatly improved, which is good news for the future :).

And I guess what Ceniza posted while I was typing this confirms it's best to wait

Uxrae: You've heard right, and it's in GCC's website. They've been reported up to 25% speed up compiling C++ code without optimisations and the main changes for 4.x.x are Tree SSA (which would help to improve code optimisation) and a new and faster hand-written parser (C++ only for 4.0.x, C for 4.1.x).

What I'm really waiting for is the 4.1.x series (4.1.0 should be released soon) but I bet the first ones will be really buggy.

So, even when it's almost getting off-topic, I recommend using GCC 3.4.3 in the meanwhile (I had some problems with 3.4.4 because of some undefined references, and the workaround wasn't that helpful).

BTW, GCC 3.4.5 could be released soon too (at least I got that one in my Linux box as a pre-release).


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