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problems compiling default wxWidgets application

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Maybe it could be that the wxwidgets dll that you're loading is the one that comes with codeblocks, and the one you compiled with was another one.

But I'm not too sure about it... in the meantime, try compiling with static libraries (sorry :( )


--- Quote from: pivica on August 06, 2005, 09:23:28 pm ---Mismatch between the program and library build version detected,
   The library used 2.6 ([...], compiler with C++ ABI 102, [...]), and your program used 2.6 ([...], compiler with C++ ABI 1002, [...]).

--- End quote ---
(Edited your quote a bit to make the difference stand out more)
The problem is that your library was compiled with another ABI (Application Binary Interface) than your program. This is most likely due to you using a more recent compiler than was used to compile the library. (102 is the default for GCC 3.2-3.3, 1002 is the default for GCC 3.4)
One way to fix this is to compile wxWidgets with your current compiler (technically, one with the same ABI will suffice).
According to this page, another way to fix this is to use the compiler option -fabi-version=1 in GCC 3.4.x to tell it to use the older ABI when compiling your program, so that it will have the same ABI as your library. Though I've never done this, it should work and seems like the easiest (read: laziest :P) solution to your problem, as recompiling wxWidgets can take a while :(.

Thanks Urxae, and all the rest of guys who helped me. Finally I manage to compile everything.


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