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--- Quote from: rickg22 on July 17, 2007, 06:24:07 pm ---Yiannis, I think pauliusz should become an official dev, with access to the compiler plugin (just to maintain the ARM compilers). What do you think?

--- End quote ---

I would be glad to maintain ARM compilers... actually I already have some patches for ARM, but they need some tuning before going to public :) I could maintain AVR compiler also (since I started it...).

P.S. I really respect your trust in me Rick. Thanks.

Actually a better idea would be to implement compiler support using dll's, one for each compiler. But that'd be after 1.0...

I currently use ARM (RealView Developer Suite v2.1 ) for development.
I mentioned in a previous post (several months back) the main difficulties I face using the ARM package:

1) Different compilers for ASM, C, CPP source files
2) Different linkers for libraries and binaries
3) Different options/switches for the above

The Compiler plugin requires serious tweaking to integrate the environment.

There were talks of redesigning the Compiler plugin based on XML configuration files a while back.
If I remember correctly, Mandrav replied that this was still considered as future development.
Separate DLLs for each Compiler, as Rick mentioned, is also an idea, but I can't really say which would work best.


Hi pauliusz,

we are working also with ARM compiler, PowerPC, MSP430 and made an own gcc port for C16x (deprecated) and TriCore. For these compilers we add support in the compiler.dll (not commited yet) and some wizards: See the attached file (can not attach all files because of file size limitation).

Which debugger are you using (integrated debugger or external)?

We made also a plugin to support the start of external tools (e.g. Jtag-Server, Simulator, Insight Debugger). This plugin checks the compiler ID and will modify the menu dynamically.

We would be glad to help you to enhance the support for embedded compilers and are interested in the changes, so the work will not be done twice :D. We are still in the beginning of codeblocks development, but we want to help to bring the great IDE also to embedded users.

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--- Quote from: rickg22 on July 17, 2007, 10:58:37 pm ---Actually a better idea would be to implement compiler support using dll's, one for each compiler. But that'd be after 1.0...

--- End quote ---

or .... xml file and maybe with some scripting ;-)


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