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C::B for embedded development?

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Slowly but steadily, Code::Blocks' infiltration in the embedded development field is growing. This forum aims to bring all the embedded developers together to share their knowledge regarding the use of Code::Blocks as an embedded development tool.

So, do you use Code::Blocks for embedded development? Have any tips for other members? Faced any problems?
You can use this forum if you answered "yes" to any of the above questions :).


I say yes to you.

I started using CB as IDE for WinAVR toolchain. For this purpose I made WinAVR compiler support you can see in CB. Currently I am not working with AVR processors. It would be nice if someone could merge my last patch "[ Patch #2071 ] GNUAVR: mcu list update".

I have also made support for Tasking C166 compiler and I am using it a lot. Actually after I did it now our whole company (~30 in R&D) are using CB with my patches. Since C166 architecture microprocessors are not very popular I haven't made my patches available, but if someone needs it I can do this.

In near future we will start using ARM processors in our company... so you can expect some patches in this area also.

Yiannis, I think pauliusz should become an official dev, with access to the compiler plugin (just to maintain the ARM compilers). What do you think?


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