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I'm using CodeBlocks 1 final beta with vc2003 (free version) win xp sp1.
I am trying to compile a dll that requires mutithreaded support, but can't figure out what to change in the compiler.
I keep getting an error message becouse the compiler is set to single threads.
(compiling raknet)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wait a couple of days for the update that 'll be released. Among some other issues it addresses, it contains the settings you 're missing ;) (contributed by zieQ).


Anyway, the free version lacks some of the runtime libraries (a design choice I've been answered in a Microsoft forum), especially those for multithreaded debug and multithreaded dll release & debug when you use STL. Before the update is released, you could try to manually add the /MD or /MT switch and see  :)

Thanks for the answers.
First off, I would have no clue how to add the switches manually.  :?
I'll wait a few days and get the new version. I like this compiler front end.
It's the first one I've tried where it worked the first time.  :lol:

right-click on your project in the workspace explorer, "build options"
select your target on the left menu
select "compiler options" tab, go to "more options", add /MT

In the update, there will be new options in the "compiler option" checkbox list


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