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Help needed: project depending on others inside a workspace


Hi! I'm a devel of Armagetron Advanced ( and next version will have Code::Blocks support in Windows. Thanks for this great IDE  :D

Right now the armagetronad codeblocks workspace contains these projects (you can see them in
Dedicated Server
Master Server
Dedicated Server Visual C++ 2003

I want to create a project BuildAll inside the workspace that when active and builded compiles Client, Dedicated Server and Master Server (all mingw compiled)
For VC++2003 I'm thinking of creating one BuildAllVC2003.

Is this kind of dependency possible in Code::Blocks?
I've seen that in Target Options there are some kind of dependencies but I'm lost.

Thanks in advance! :wink:

Inter-project dependencies aren't available in RC1, but zieQ just submitted a patch at sourceforge that makes them possible. (See the Sourceforge Project page)

(In the meantime, there's the option to "rebuild all projects" but that might be a little slow for you... You might try applying the patch to the codeblocks sources and recompile it yourself, however.

Nice to hear there's a patch around. I'll take a look a it ;)

No, my patch do not address "true" inter-projects dependencies, but provide a quick hack when loading visual workspaces. But I'm working on a new patch for inter-projects dependencies!


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