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Editor colour settings, a query regarding a missing option

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First I would like to congratulate the author and contributors for a top class IDE product.  At last, I've finally found an open source IDE that supports multiple project session building.  Or in the case of .NET, (solutions).  I've used Dev-C++ which although itself an excellent editor, lacks the one feature I need, and that is to build multiple project dependencies one after another as required.

Anyway, to my question at hand.  The editor settings provides the option to configure the source window's colours for various parts of the file being edited.... except for one thing:  The Windows Background colour.  Is there an option in a file or a setting somewhere which allows me to change the editor's window background colour from the currently unchangable white, to something else.

I ask this because I'm visually impaired, and I do not mix well with white background coloured windows.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated, or even a notice for this feature to be added to the next version of CodeBlocks.

Again, a top product and well done :D.


This is a known defect in RC1 and will be addressed soon with an update.


<note>I started typing this a few minutes before Yiannis posted. That'll teach me to be wordy.</note>

You're using RC1, I presume? There was a thread about this bug here.

Summary: It'll be fixed in the next release, and if you're compiling from source it's a one-character fix. See link above for details.

P.S. A hint for next time: it often helps to search the forums before asking questions, chances are you're not the first to run into a certain problem, I found the thread above by searching for "editor background" (since spelling of colo(u)r varies). It was the second result, the first being this thread, so before you started this one it would've been the first result.

@mandrav.  Excellent, thanks very much for a prompt reponse :)

@Urxae, yes, I did do a skim of the topics but obviously missed the thread in question.  You are correct in that I've downloaded the RC1 binaries.  I shall investigate the source build solution since I really do want to make development headway using this IDE.  Many thanks.


Ok, I've spent literally all day trying to get v2.4.2 of wxWidgets compiled under MSYS on WinNT so I can rebuild the Code::Blocks source with the background colour fix.

Suffice to say, the next 2 paragraphs were censored by my ISP!  I've tried both 2.6.1 and 2.4.2 of wxWidgets to compile.  The main library stuff compiles but when it comes to the (stc) contrb stuff..... pfft!

Listen, I'm happy with any bugs that currently exist in the IDE but the background colour fix would be great if anybody can provide a compiled .EXE with this single change.  I've lost the will to live getting the wxWidgets stuff compiled under MSYS.



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